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Odyssey PC 535

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Accu/batterie PC535 ODYSSEY
126.99 EUR  139.99 EUR

toute modification de la batterie entraine la suppression de la garantie.

PC 535 Odyssey
size: 170.2 x 99.1 x 157mm

For the R1200R,GS,GSLC,R1200RTLC (2014->..)... we advice the ETX14DEKA

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119.99 EUR  149.00 EUR

pdf flyer click  here configurator DEKA >>click HERE <<

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126.99 EUR  145.00 EUR
PC535 with modification for R1200GS. We advize the ETX14 DEKA more power and without modification and Cheaper .
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Easy 1206 Acctiva FRONIUS
135.00 EUR  159.99 EUR
Easy1206 Fronius Charger. Charging and testing: small but strong Nice and compact, nice and smart. Small, high-performance, electronically controlled plug-in charger and tester. Charging and testing in one. A microprocessor controls the charging process and monitors all functions of the device. You can also test the startability of the battery, the charge level of the battery, and the functioning of the alternator. All with this small device.
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workglove NEDPLEX
1.70 EUR  3.80 EUR
PU  glove to work
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PC 535 Odyssey to adate to the R1200R ODYSSEY
126.99 EUR  145.00 EUR

PC535 to adapt on the R1200R. The client have to make the modification. In option the terminal with modification  are available .

is also possible to install a ETX14 without modification (y)
Click >>HERE<<
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Accu PC535 Odyssey Battery ODYSSEY
129.99 EUR  136.00 EUR
PC 535 Odyssey
size: 170.2 x 99.1 x 157mm

we advice the ETX14 DEKA to use on THE R1200GS,GSLC,F800GS,R1200R,R1200RTLC,nineT,
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lampe led 400lux puissant aimant BMW
39.50 EUR  55.00 EUR
out of stock
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Set d'Outillage All Moto 61pcs SBV OUTILS
189.99 EUR  245.00 EUR
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